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mmm donut

Apparently there is a place by Fruitvale BART that sells beignets and Cafe du Monde coffee. I have never been to Nawlins (one of my regrets) but will probably try this out on my way to work some morning. Thanks to ayse for the hat tip.

While I'm on the subject of food that themagdalen might enjoy, I have to say that I have sussed out the Ici-style icecream in her future abode - Teo. (I also found out that Southwest now has a nonstop to Austin from OAK so she should talk that up among her local friends.)

My own breakfast today was Trader Joe's Swedish pancake mix, made up. It was pretty tasty. I will get some more of that for the Food Bank, as it is what I consider the intelligent type of mix - just add water. (Seriously, if I had to add eggs and milk, I wouldn't buy it. I can measure out my own flour and sugar in that case.) Lunch was half a Cheese Board pizza - why, yes, I am a big pig - followed by the ObNap.

This evening I will probably 1) try to find the remainder of my Dorothy Sayers for themagdalen 2) do my laundry and 3) clean out the fridge in anticipation of getting both my first CSA produce box and my Clark Summit Farms Meat Club monthly share. Also, hang up enough clothes so that my doors close, so I can shuffle Lucy and Ocho around.

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