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Cats and boxes, oh my!

Week 2 of Project Crazy Cat Lady is proceeding along nicely. This week the plan is to let Ocho have the run of the house while Maggie is out. There was remarkably little drama between her and Lucy, which was good. (Lucy is a timid soul, poor sweet thing.) There has been a few ritual exchanges of hissing but that's about it, and I think I saw them doing blinkies once. She comes out and splores, and then goes back to "her room" to hang out. And Lucy does her own thing.

Next week ... we will try Maggie in the mix. There will definitely be more drama. I think Miss Thing can definitely hold her ground, though.

I'm thinking "Josephine" (or Josefina ... Josie or Jo-Jo for short) for her new name. There's the coat of many colors (if it was indeed that ... the perils of studying OT, nu?), but above all there's the hugely fucked-up family dynamics that caused the Biblical Joseph to be sold down the river into another country. (And Joseph does very well out of it.) I had been thinking Marian (for Anderson) because she is a very contralto cat but the family dynamics thing? That's why I've got this cat. ;)

Tomorrow I get both my first CSA produce box from Terra Firma Farms and my first monthly meat-n-eggs box from Clark Summit Farms. I can't wait to see what is in both!
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