Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

The asshat season begins in Berkeley

Yesterday after early service I decided to loop around and check out the parking situation at C House. Due to the way the one-way streets are configured, this requires going down Durant and Telegraph.

At nine am on a Sunday, there were about two cars on the street. The other one of which came very close to sideswiping me as it realized that it wanted to turn at Telegraph and started "drifting" left. Into me. I laid on the horn.

Sunday will be wacky with all the doubleparked dormies and parents not used to one-way streets. Reminds me that one of my errands still to do is a run up to BevMo for whiskey.

(The good news is that C House has a tiny lot, which I assume that I may park the Sube in for Adam's move-in.)

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