Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
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Thursday Wrapup

This has not been a good week for the pets of people I know. Da Bronxelf lost Argent to incredibly invasive cancer and Da Flea lost her very friendly neighbor cat apparently to a coyote (!!!). I seem to recall that tigerberries lost her Ozymandias, King of Cats, and a friend of mine off LJ had to put his dog down. So if you have pets (or, like F, "borrow" animals), please give them extra scritchies.

I am incredibly thankful that worrying about other peoples' animals and how the hell I am going to cope without my weekly-or-so Mr. Benjamin Biscuit fix is really about the biggest I have on my plate at the moment. Last week this time, things did not look so good (I might or might not be up to posting about it, but it was a doozy) and it was a hundred farking degrees on top of it.

I have determined where Miss New Thing is sitting when she's not in the room. She found the fabric stash in the utility room. Clever girl! Comfy and protected from the regularly scheduled Maggie Maraudings and Lucy RocketCat bouncings. (Lucy did, however, take advantage of the absence to pee in the "other" litter box. *eyeroll*)

Da Box of Tasty Meatz has arrived. I wanted to cook the pork chops tonight - with CSA carrots and green beans, how incredibly eco-groovy of me, I know ;) - but the darn things were still frozen after all day in the fridge and an hour out on the counter. Tomorrow is another day. (Ayse, what's the best email to reach you at these days?)

This month's haul was: two pork chops bigger than my hands (for those of you who have not met me, I have big hands for a gurl), some pork trim, 2# ground beef, two very thin t-bones, a chuck steak, and some very free-range eggs - all sorts of sizes and shell colors. I had two of them fried for my breakfast this morning.

The CSA box was: 2 small grapefruit, bag-o-green-beans, carrots, small but incredibly delicious bag-o-cherries, a couple of onions. (I got carrots last week too, so it's time to eat up.)

I also helped themagdalen clear out her pantry - pasta, red bell peppers, and condiments.

So there will be COOKING in my future. I'm thinking it's time to do some. Except for making brownies and truffles, I haven't done much lately. Maybe this weekend I'll attempt caramel a la Shuna eggbeater_food Lydon. The combo of No Sleep and 100+ Degrees made me not want to deal with boiling sugar.
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