Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

You Know You're A Church Geek When ...

You can figure out how long it's been since your last pedicure by the liturgical calendar.

I am trying to pull myself together here after both the lawsuit scare and the Long Goodbyes to both half of my EFM class ( and themagdalen and family. (Memorable line: "less talk, more cake".)

I feel better now that my toes are in shape. (Missed Ms. Mags, as the last time was with her for our Maundy Thursday pedicure.) Am trying to dig myself out of the mess the house is in, even more so now that the dishwasher appears to have given up the ghost. I am determined to have a shiny sink to start June, and the Flylady routine again.

Ms Chiquita Ochita seems to have taken up residence in the fabric piles in the utility room after a somewhat dramatic episode where she tried to jump on the bed with the other two present, which is ok I guess but I miss my pettins. Might be an incentive for me to start organizing back there.
Tags: cats, church geek, domesticity, friends, state of the farmgirl

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