Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
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Run away run awaaaaaay

I'm off to New And Improved Mexico for my birthday (with a couple of dozen people from the Ship). Don't know if I will be checking in much because I am not bringing the laptop, although some other people will have theirs and there are rumors that our hotel (the El Rey, a Route 66 classic) has wi-fi but not in the rooms.

I am looking forward to this trip!

Mom and Dad arrive shortly for a birthday (and for them, anniversary) lunch and will be taking me to the airport. The Totally Rockin' <lj user="cat_herder") will be dealing with, well, cat herding and will also get me from the aeropuerto on Monday night. (Elissa - if you need crash space, I can offer.)
Tags: travel

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