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And in crazy cat lady news ...

Lucy discovered the cat-flap, which cat_herder had uncovered in an effort to train the Maginator. Since she has no collar with the magnetic key, she could get out but not in. I had missed her on Thursday morning (no response to the Opening of the Can) and finally realize what happened (took me a while, as I had been keeping the window shut, so I wondered how she got out).

She came to me when I opened a can in the basement on Thursday evening just before Elissa came over, but launched herself out of my arms (with accompanying Big Scratches) just as I was opening the back door. I almost got her in the morning (denim-shirted) but she, again, bailed on me and hid under the flood-protection boards-on-cinderblocks.

Last night, no sign.

This morning I was concerned that she was dehydrated. I opened a can, no sign. Came down with some water, and she came out of the back basement room. I managed to get her in this time, minus injury. She didn't protest as much.

The good news is that Ochita has been exploring the house more. I moved the laptop setup into the living room so Elissa could use it, and Ochita has been coming out and cuddling with me on the chair in the living room, which she hasn't been in much. My right arm got licked pretty raw last night before I went to Serene's party! Purr, knead, lick.

And this morning, it was hot enough that Maggie was in, and on the couch, and didn't cause drama with Ochita in the room. The old girl is holding her ground, which is good.
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