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Note to self

Even though I have had very bad luck with cafetieres since I've acquired this particular stove, which for some reason encourages me to leave the damn things on lit burners (resulting in carbonized handles, but fortunately not worse)*, I need to have my Emergency Reserve one someplace easy to find.

The power to the entire block cut out at 6:30 this morning before I got my first cuppa and boy was I trash until I caught up.

I had ground coffee (that's note two, so I was ahead of the game) and gas but couldn't find a good container.

* After keeping the one I bought in Italy going for over a dozen years. I spent way more in replacement gaskets than I ever did for the pot itself.

I did learn that the Greek-run cafe near my office serves a very tasty cup of French roast, but I was running on fumes by the time I got there.

(Has it been six weeks since I posted? Wow.)

In better news: Both the power supply and speaker issues on my laptop have been fiXorEd, at no charge to me. So I can has Buffy, and Firefly when I borrow cat_herder's again. I'll be in my bunk when I get a free weekend.

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