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Shift happens

Furniture, that is, thanks to the friends. Pictures when I have a few moments to upload from the camera and slap a web page together. The living room looks different, and nice. Although I'm still wondering where to put the needlepoint chair, which is now serving as auxilary Maya seating in the office.

I got a bit too carried away with the making dinner thing and forgot to ask that other pieces in the back bedroom also be taken downstairs. But nothing too major. I think I can manage the lamp, and cat_herder and I can probably do the modular units.

Usually after the cleaners come I have to cook something and gum up the perfectly clean kitchen. I thought I had that sussed yesterday as I made the sauce and dessert in advance, but stirfrying vegetables kept plopping on the floor and I had plates for four, not one. The sink is back to shining now; last night some pans were soaking.

Stuff is piling in the office. I had thought that my room would be the final frontier (well, except for the utility room) for cleaning, but it is looking more manageable than the office at the moment. I still want to try to get the piano in, but the floor will need to be spot refinished first. This will take planning.

I had big cooking plans for tonight, but mostly ended up talking on the phone with people. I did end up putting the shelving unit together for the back bedroom and loading it - it looks like my junk has been sitting on those shelves for a year instead of an hour! So the major thing I needed to get done around the house happened.

Tired now. Going to sleep. It's dark out.

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