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Kitty News

There is now even more competition for the snuggled-up-right-next-to-the-biped position, when I am on the lappytop, anyway.

Miss Lucy got out the back door a couple of times recently. Miss Chiquita Ochita Banana (one of these days I might give her a human name; certain of the Genesis saga are currently favored, although Chiara/Clarita might win) took advantage of being The Only Kitty in the House to snuggle up. I mean, right up - draped over me. I guess she is now over her fear of coming in my room to visit.

Lucy was in the house, but elsewhere this evening; could barely type at times because Ochita was on my arm, and I had to dig the phone out from under her when the pager went. She and Lucy were resting on the bed before Maggie came in without DRAMAZ OH NOEZ (although there was a little growl-and-hiss when Lucy came over to laptopland to take a look - "this is my spot now, bitch"). I hope they start getting along.