Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Aw man

After spending all weekend compulsively checking in on the progress of Hurricane Gustav (and the people I know who had to bug out), I've now got the various storm URLs from NOAA bookmarked and am checking the three-day and five-day storm tracks regularly.

Hanna's potential path and landfall have been changing a lot since I have been checking it. Early on it was looking like it might hit land in northern Florida and go tra-la-la up the I-95 corridor. Then it shifted more out to sea and landfall was around Savannah. Then Charleston. Now it's looking like Wilmington.

I'm hoping it shifts even more out (and doesn't become fierce after it finishes with the Bahamas and has an open water run). But, maaan, if a hurricane has got to hit anywhere on that coast, why not Myrtle Beach instead of the entirely charming cities of Charleston, Savannah, or Wilmington?

(Hurricane Ike, right after that, is the one that looks like it could be a real mofo. Cat 4 in the open ocean and no real idea yet where it might hit land but not looking good right now for various Caribbean islands and potentially South Florida.)

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