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I haven't been sleeping well this week - combo of heat, drama, and being on call.

I was pretty wiped out yesterday evening - Friday afternoon was busy at work, I had an incipient headache from my phones ringing so much, and I orbited for parking a couple of times trying to get to dinner and BEER with cat_herder. I was >< this close to an AW FUCK IT and moping at home.

(I did not read the "no parking" signs carefully enough to realize they didn't apply on Friday night. Sign of mental distress. But I got cat_herder's spot - she had a quite uncharacteristic EPIC PARKING KARMA FAIL and I got the last spot in the front. LOL)

I woke up a couple of times this morning, punched on NPR, and then conked back out. Ochita jumped in the bed with me (I was a bit surprised to see the dark cat). When I finally checked my watch it was about 9:20, so ... no wonder, she was hungry. It's past ten and the cats have been fed (and back to their corners for post-prandial nap) but I haven't had my coffee yet. I am, however, quite refreshed.