Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
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Saturday mix

More like the last three days.

More youtube (man, I am loving having working speakers again):

Recovery music:
Walk On, U2 (this one got me through the fall of 2001)
The Long Way Around, Dixie Chicks
And because they're gorgeous:
The late Sandy Denny (thanks to angevin2 for that link, which lead to me finding:)
Gaudete by Steeleye Span

Laptop still won't boot after bios update. I am going to try a new xp installation in a different directory than the current one, but might need to punt and call Dell.

Thursday: Justice button hove into view as I was driving to work. I was able to LOL at it. I got a rerun in the afternoon where I wanted to yell and throw things at someone, but I kind of got over that when I read that some fool at the RNC had called Obama "uppity". Holy snapping assholes, Batman!

(The Palinpalooza has wanted to make me tear my hair out for a number of reasons - OH HAI PEOPLE, sexism is not ok when the target is a Republican - but I will say that if you haven't seen the extremely funny Jon Stewart double standards video, go see it.)

Friday: Had a lovely dinner with the charming cat_herder that involved quantities of beer and conversations in lolcat. It was an excellent antidote to a sucky day.

Today: It's hot and sticky in here, and I have been avoiding finishing the flyer I need to do for church tomorrow. I am thinking about turning in and getting up early. It's now cooler outside the house so I have opened the window and positioned the fan in front of it with the hope that Lucy doesn't launch herself out again. (If so, well, she'll be in the nice cool basement.)
Tags: dailiness, music, politics

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