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Rolling over

The next time I go anywhere in my car, it will turn over 100,000 miles.

I thought it was going to happen this week en route to my hair appointment, but the air flow regulator died, causing me to use my last AAA service call (I got towed twice when the engine died) until I renew again.

Today I was thinking it would be one or the other times I went to church, but it wouldn't turn over after early service, so I walked home (and walked back this afternoon). Did not stay for Evensong. Am home.


In other news, if you know me from the Snotverse, I may or may not be around there until after the election. Real life is tense enough, I don't need internet stupid on top of it.

(And my EFM class starts tomorrow! Wheee!)
Tags: dailiness, milestones, things fall apart

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