Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Sunday update

Hey! Tyson Foods is offering to donate 100# of high-quality protien foods to Bay Area Food Banks for each comment on this blog entry. I would love to see chicken next time I go to the Food Bank for my Feeding the Multitudes exercise so please to be clicking and commenting.

My exciting day so far:

* sleep most of night even though I am on call
* sleep interruptions mostly due to Maggie insisting on sleeping on top of me
* went off to early church
* had to go home because call phone buzzed
* went to main service but left during last hymn
* did work thing at noon (pre-arranged)
* conked out for a 3 hour nap (accompanied by other kitties)

I'm going to try to make some soup and a breakfast casserole to use up random produce. A fridge clean is also in order. I was going to try this yesterday but I got way too sucked up in online dramaz (lol).

I still hate all the election news and the financial meltdown news but I got incredibly annoyed when I heard someone on the Nipper pronouncing "Nevada" in what I call the "Damn Eastern Media" way. I want to call those city slickers and tell them they're WRONG, DAMMIT. LOL at the things that set people off.

(waves hi to new folks. if you want a bio check my userinfo.)
Tags: cats, dailiness, feeding the multitudes, npr

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