Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Well, that was a first

Opened the back door to bring Maggie in and there was a possum getting up in Maggie's grill empty food bowl, right there on the back landing.

First time I've seen a possum in Happy Little Bungalow land. Even raccoons are rare due to the density of both human and dog populations.

Possum played possum and hid. The practice of leaving Maggie's dinner out for her will be suspended for at least a while.

(Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am currently powerless to stop obsessively checking political blogs in my short periods home from work. I've even started reading Wonkette again. I promise to update more.)
Tags: all god's critters, cats, dailiness, maggie

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