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The day before the day before ...

The election.

Here in California the only thing at stake in the Presidential race is how many points Obama will bank up on his way to our 55 EVs, and what the turnout will be. No Senate races, and our state-wide offices are in two years. I live in the seventh-most Democratic House district in the country (and the most Dem district west of South Philly and da Bronx) so that race isn't appearing on Swing State Project any time soon. PVI D+38, baybee. Given the state habit of legislation by iniative, we do have one super-hot proposition race though.

For those of you who have just joined me here, or who were as out of it as I was in mid-August, I lost a friend of mine after a short illness. As we were laying out the funeral baked meats, someone remarked to the organizer (one of Mark's closest friends) that "it wasn't the party you were planning". I realized that Mark and his partner of 36 years had been planning to get legally married before, well, being in ICU and not coming out changed everything.

Since Mark had both a deep love and an encyclopedic knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, this video made me both smile and cry when wondersheep posted it a short while back. themagdalen posted it again recently. So, you may have seen it already, but if you haven't, please do.

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