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Getting stuff done

Was able to leave work before 5. The fact that others were dismissed at noon may have something to do with this, but post-noon was busy; the faithful remnant wanted stuff now pls.

Yes, we can has:

drycleaning picked up
produce box picked up
car (MINE! not the rental) gassed up

Was going to ask Dad if gas had dropped down below $2/g in Tomatoland, but saw it here. Even the Chevron at the airport (which is spendy) is 2.09.

Now I need to:

go to the ATM
get something to eat
contemplate whether I can risk helping prepare dinner at the church for the youth shelter because I am on call. I need to go over there anyway to pick up my knife so may play this one by ear.
make more raspberry truffles
dip the kahlua truffles

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