Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Sasha called back!

As I was walking out of my office last night, Sasha called back; she was borrowing someone else's cell because her minutes had run out.

She is SO GRATEFUL to people who helped. She says to tell all y'all that you could have saved her life. Her immediate plans are to top up her tank and cell phone and get medicine for her basal cell carcinoma (which she is convinced caused the other cancer).

Good things have been happening on other fronts, too; she's working on getting in a clinical trial working on gene therapy for the type of cancer she has, and the last Social Security person she talked to was very helpful and moved her case along. And at the moment she's couchsurfing, so she's out of the worst of the weather.

I met the cat, too. He's a big floofy henna boy, and he was draped over the back of the truck seats like the King of the World. His supreme mellowness reminded me of Maya, although Maya was impossible in any car ;). She said that the garage attendants down at Summit Med were already part of his fan club.
Tags: around town, helping hands, my friends rock, paying it forward

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