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As I was coming home last night from an appointment, the night sky south of Alcatraz Avenue lit up spectacularly behind the buildings. As I drove west on Alcatraz it was pretty dark (although the pockets were odd ... the signals were working fine). So that, and the fact that I was not hearing sirens, made me realize that some piece of power equipment had gone blooey.

It was block-by-block by the time I got out here, but my block was one of them. It exposed the inadequacies of my emergency stores as it took me a while to find both a suitable candle and something to light it with. I was, however, amused that my blackberry screen was providing most of the illumination.

There was nothing for it but to go to bed, and when I got up, all three of the pussycats were on the bed with me. No drama, but they had been plenty dramatic enough as I conked out - lots of Maggie chasing the other two around the house.
Tags: around town, dailiness

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