Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

"A crowd flowed over the bridge, so many ..."

"I had not thought Death had undone so many."

As many of you have heard on the Big News (I think this even made Beeb World Service, which is my standard of Real News), Oakland lost four police officers in the line of duty last weekend. The funeral was on Friday.

The venue was the arena, which I drive by en route to work. So I knew I was likely to encounter traffic, even though I was driving in a couple hours before start time.

When I came over the junction flyover from I-980 (note to self: must ask my father what the actual term is), it had already started. The freeway was packed and the left lane was full of police cars and motorcycles as far as my eye could see, all with the blinkenlights on. The first two I saw were from Culver City (L.A.), although I heard there was representation from all over the country and from the RCMP. Go Mounties!

I was never so happy to be a part of a traffic jam, although I was pleased that I was able to manuever my car off at Jackson Street and go the rest of the way to the office on surface.

On the way home I noted that the OPOA had put up an "In Memoriam" billboard in the industrial noman's land between the freeway, train tracks, and BART tracks. That's when I cried.

(Minor note: Did not recognize Jerry Brown in the pix of dignitaries on the dais. "OK, there's Dellums, Boxer, Feinstein, Barbara Lee, Ah-nuld .. Who is that bald guy?")
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