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Although it seems like I spent a lot of time at church, or doing things that are related to church (peanut butter cookie-brownie combo things recommended by astragali just came out of the oven), today is Officially Nothing Happening as far as Easter goes.

Vigil starts at oh-ass-thirty tomorrow, as one of my fellow worker bees said as we were enjoying some leftover soup in the parish hall after our various setup tasks.

I miss themagdalen, Mr. Mags, and B-Dawg, who are enjoying Easter in Austin. I also miss Mark, who is in heaven. Since I learned Altar Guild under fire with him on Easter Sunday 2005, I suspect this season will always recall him to my mind. I also found one of the post-its he used for Bible marking in the lectern Bible; it may have been there since last Good Friday.

It's a good day to ponder.
Tags: church, friends, speaking to my condition

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