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The Lord is Risen!

... the farmgirl is pretty tired.

Edited to add, d'oh: Happy Easter to my Christian friends (and a continuing chag samach Pesach to my Jewish ones).

My potluck breakfast experiment - chile-cheese grits in my new crockpot - turned out very well.

Various functions I was doing were seriously understaffed. I was a bit testy this morning before Vigil: a combo of having a new Altar Guild person on with me, being under a bit of time pressure, some changes at the last minute, and getting some "back-seat driving" from the peanut gallery.

But everything went off fairly well (and I had a lot of pineapple upside-down cake, which I adore - thank you idasusan for making it). Mmm, mmm, breakfast of champions.

Time for a nap with Miss Ruthie, and then to go to Trader Joe's to see if they have any lamb left (or, failing that, rosemary chicken).
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