Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Day in brief

1) Amused all day by "teabagging" jokes (actually, this has been going on at Wonkette all week).

2) Visit of CIO (based in NJ) did NOT bring massive organizational changes. Instead we had birthday cake (from Tucker's) and a fairly honest Q and A period about the changes in the company.

3) Tax returns were not in mailbox yesterday. Called tax guy. Was advised that since I am owed money, not getting it in the mail today was no big deal. Returns were in box when I got home, so I signed and stamped them and hauled myself off to the post office. First time I have filed on time in three years. Feel like I am getting closer to normal grown-up type functioning as a result.

4) Of course, since tax guy says he priority mailed it to me on Friday, I am wondering why the fuck it takes 4 full business days to priority mail within the state of California. WHAT.

5) Signed up for Facebook, so if you're there, give me a holler. (If you don't want to publicize your real name you can use my screened entry, or explain your LJ name in the "invite".)

6) Was unaware that my "twin cousin" (born 4 days after I was) is as much of a stone cold Jane Austen fan as I am. Obviously I have not been spending enough time with my family. Yes, I found this on FB.
Tags: dailiness

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