Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
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My "Day Off" - Feh!

As I said earlier on FB, today is FIRED.

I wakened on my "holiday" day off to a buzzing pager. Turns out that the lovely developers brought in a worm, again, which has rapidly spread to all the systems that same lovely developers insisted AV be turned off on. This put paid to my previous plans to meet an in-town Shipmate.

I have been on the conference call off and on since about 9:15 am.

During a break in the action, I called the altar guild directress (yes we still use that word. LOL) because I had volunteered to sub with her for a vacationing member and wished to set up a time to set up.

Turns out her husband, an old buffer of whom I am very fond, is dying. Like, "call the priest for last rites" dying. I was glad that I wasn't in charge of the conf call because I was crying.

Two breaks in the darkness: The deacon (who is on sabbatical, so hadn't been called about Dick's dying - she said she was clergy of last resort, but someone else was available) saw it and made some phone calls. One was to me to pat me on the back.

The big political news of the day also has me Very Interested and Not Worrying About My Own Stuff. But today is still fired. (Not a quitter here. ;)

(Of your mercy, please say a prayer or whatever you do for Dick as he passes, and Clara and family as they cope.)
Tags: arrrgh!, church lady, friends, today is fired, work

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