Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Let's try this to-do list again

Cleaning project: see why my pots-n-pans don't fit in the small cabinet any more. If I am still up for it, I will start cleaning off the kitchen table so I can use it as a staging ground for give-away clothes. This might mean that the cabinet over the fridge gets a look-see.


Personal laundry - sheets (now that the clothes are mostly clean)
OMG the cats' boxes need to be cleaned
Church laundry - tablecloths
The cats need another bag of kibble
Pay bills
Go to post office to pick up package (drop off paper bills there)
Altar Guild setup
Go to farmer's market to return peach crate
Buy more peaches and EAT THEM OM NOM NOM
Pedi! Yay!!
Determine what supporting role I have in Dick's funeral
Do Hot Meals inventory
Do Hot Meals announcement at church

Box up clothing returns
Call Adam to see if I can give him his little present from Santa Fe
Start cleaning out car for Thursday
Tags: to-do lists

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