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help me buy a new suit

OK folks, I need a new interview trouser suit. My last one is just a titch too small these days.

My usual source of Tall Women's Clothing is Land's End, but I have struck out with them for this season.

Unless something is cut pretty generously in arm and rise length, I need tall-girl for my long torso. I don't need it for the inseam, but for the rise. This is why I love Land's End - they will HEM THE DAMN PANTS for me to my specs. This necessarily limits my shopping options.

So I'd like something tailored, in gray, black-mix tweed or similar (all-black tends to wash me out - even for funerals these days I tend to avoid it) or, for extra pizzazz, olive green. My previous one is a medium charcoal gray and I would wear it with a shell-type top - black, burgundy, deep fuschia, or teal depending on what was clean and what the weather was like (e.g. cold day== teal cashmere "tee", warm day==cotton shell top).

A little updating on the style is fine with me - and is actually desirable as a 40-something in a fast-moving field ;). But I do want to keep it fairly classic.

I've found the following options and could use a little help deciding:

Eddie Bauer's Suiting Seperates page has a bonanza. ALL IN TALL. Deo gratias!

I'm drawn towards the plaid stretch blazer/pants combo (Stretch! Washable!) although their wool gab looks nice.

I'd have to figure out which of the three trouser options would work best on me. I think Blakely (higher waist).

(I also have to determine if there's any brown in that plaid. Too much brown == not good on me, as I'm somewhat brown to start with. Glen plaid should be ok though.)

My mom's old standby, JC Penney, has some attractive jackets:


I like the style of this one although I wonder about the colors:


Damn, I wish that "green salsa" were olive. That would rock. Ditto if it were in a herringbone or tweed.

If I wanted to go the poly route, the "convertible collar" in black and "wide leg" in olive would rock and are inexpensive:


And here's one that's a mostly cotton blend that I think is great, although I wish I could see the cut of the pants:


Right now I'm looking hard at the last one and the Bauer plaid. Any and all constructive suggestions are welcomed. If you know of other places that have tall-lady suits for non-extortionate prices, please let me know.

EDIT: And a new contender - the Lamont suit from Long Tall Sally. I like the Habra and Ontario jackets a little better, but not the color. Thanks for the reminder, goatinamoat!
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