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Unsympathetic Food Magic

It's hot. And it's been hot for the last few days. It was apparently 95 F in SF on Sunday, when we were crawling around North Beach. I have been a big spud around the house, and haven't gotten any straightening done around the office, which is pretty toasty due to the big east windows. I can't go off and get my legs waxed because I did it last week. I have worn my olive green cord flip-flops for the last few days as one of the clogs raised a blister when worn sockless, so the pedicure at least was in the nick of time. My toes look fabulous, darling.

But this morning, before I ate my breakfast even, I made gazpacho with all the tomatoes that were developing soft spots. (cutting out the spots of course) That should actually have an effect. And if it doesn't, well, I have a tasty lunch chillin' in the fridge.