Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Schedule swapping

Interview last night did not happen. Just got a call from agent saying that a reprise tonight at 8 pm might not happen either because of interviewer availability. Obviously they need someone ;).

I am reshuffling all the deck chairs around here. I am running a temperature (this is more like a hot flush than a fever). I took a hot epsom salt bath and wrapped up in a blanket, but I am still a bit sweaty. I think this is a herx reaction from an antifungal supplement I took, but it could be the aporkalypse, so I am behaving myself. No hospital visits (especially not the cancer ward, Lord have mercy). No making cookies or similar with sweet old ladies. Gave church people heads-up that I might bag on all my activities this weekend. Also found out a memorial for an RFC pal is on Saturday, during the time I would be normally supervising sandwich making. If I am sufficiently fever free I will go to that, then home to sleep it off.

(Of your mercy, please pray for the repose of Leila's soul, and the comfort of her husband and two young sons. And always remember that tabbouli is a parsley salad, not a grain one. Or she will haunt you.)

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