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High off the fumes

On Wednesday I was not having a good day. I forgot to close my window before I left for work (necessitating a call to cat_herder - you rock) and also developed a giant rip in the shirt I was wearing (in the back). The stupid at work went to some new depths of stupidity as well. I was also a bit down because I had learned my houseguest's mother just died (two weeks after he moved 8,000 miles away for grad school).

I was also in the middle of clearing a large infestation of spyware off my computer (why, yes, even careful AV administrators get spyware) and had determined that the @#$% programs had locked my registry, the better to keep me or Trend from deleting them.

I did make it home in time for my appointment with the floor guy (Mike from "The Floor Show" in Berkeley) about fixing the damaged areas in my office (and enough time to change my shirt!), which was a step in the right direction. He took a look and said that for $55 he could scrape it and put the first coat of varnish on, and I could do the rest. Sounded like a plan; I was expecting to pay $500!

And as he went out to his truck, I saw a hummingbird feeding on the passiflora. It didn't zoom away when it saw me, either. I took this as A Sign From Above.

I did get a bit loopy later trying to rearrange the computer so I could finish my task and working in the room with the wet varnish. Obviously I had to close the door to keep the cat out. I gave myself last night off, and will do the next coat tonight JUST before bed. But I should be able to get the pianner in after I finish some of the STUFF rearrangement.