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Singing in the rain

So, the prof who gave me my First Computer Job back in the Dark Ages is retiring.

His Brilliant Plan (because he's a medievalist and that's How We Roll) is to gather a group of people and go serenade various campus entities who have helped him out over the years. Starting with the librarians, which IMO is Totally Awesome.

Since I'm working a contract and more or less have my deadlines in order, I am taking the day off to join these shenanigans.

The hitch in this getalong is that it might rain. In Davis. In June. When it is more likely to be 100 F and dry as the proverbial bone.

But I'll be there. I'm looking for my bright pink umbrella to go with my spiffy black-and-white paisley ensemble.



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Jun. 4th, 2010 08:43 pm (UTC)
That is awesome.

Hey, my husband asked if I knew anyone who wanted to do QA at his company in Mission Bay, near the ballpark. Is that your kind of thing? If it is, PM me and I'll hook you up.
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