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In a lot of ways I am still recovering from this weekend, which I thought was going to be a quiet catch-up (bake some, cook some, catch up on the blogs and other computer stuff, cut out the "muslin" for my jacket so I could play with it in sewing class).

It ended up with me driving a 15' rental truck between here and San Mateo. Twice.

And ayse and cat_herder rock. That is all.

The excitement of the weekend was capped off by ayse's Simon-cat falling prey to the Stinky Tuna bait in the cat trap. Noel announced the trap was sprung and it was comic how we all scampered out of there in jig time to see if it was the Little Fucker.

My James Avery order came. I still haven't found my Jerusalem cross, but hope to when I clean my bedroom. It's nice to be wearing something again, though. (I got the rosebud and Abundant Love crosses.)

I went up to North Berkeley tonight and went to the wrong Chinese pharmacy so didn't get my prescription, as the correct one had closed by the time I got there. Will tell acupuncturist that if he hands me something, I can go to Chinatown on lunch hour. I did get some Peet's coffee (useful, as I am TOTALLY OUT of leaded coffee - an indication of how crazy things have been), some limeade (it's been warmish, and CLB weather indicators say it will be hot tomorrow), a birthday postcard for wondersheep (dumbass here lost the first one) and a half-pie and beer from the Cheese Board Pizza. Which will not help me lose that 10# I want to but damn it's good. (Tomato, herbs, onions, asiago, mozz, garlic oil. Le Yum.)

(Note to self: eating the laginappe slicette they include in the car might be hazardous to work trousers. At least I didn't goober all over my nice new mulberry twinset from Land's End.)

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