Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

September in the Rain

This morning as I was drinking my coffee, I heard rain on the kitchen windows. I immediately put my jeans and shoes on and went and dragged the Weber and the barbeque tools under the garage roof.

By the time I left for church a short while later, it had turned into a right proper downpour. Window wipers going double-time, gutters overflowing, the whole bit. I had many idle thoughts during the service of my smell of wet wool (I wore my boiled wool jacket) and wondering if my basement, with the furniture being stored in it, would take water and would I need to go to Pastime Hardware in the sheeting rain and get some more dri-domes.

But I also realized that I never would have ventured out to Grace in even light rain. I could deal with the walk-around-the-church from St. Mark's (mercifully covered) parking lot (I didn't even try the sanctuary shortcut for fear of needing to backtrack in the rain), but four blocks uphill from the Cala lot to Grace in this weather would be a No Go. I would have sat in my room and read Morning Prayer.

This is one of the many things making me think more along the lines of St. Mark's being my "home church" and Grace somewhere I go for variety, instead of Grace being home and St. Mark's somewhere I go occasionally when the schedule works. Inquirer's Class starts tomorrow night; I might surprise the Rector by showing up for it, as I have never gone through the "official" process in the ECUSA. Grace had theirs on Sunday mornings, and I was either out of town or working enough on Sundays to make me feel unable to commit.

(The basement is ok, but one of the trees at St. Mark's came down on the north lawn. During the service, and we never heard a pop! It was staked to something, so was in trouble beforehand.)

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