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Hump Day

The "Inquirer's Class" will probably end up doing me a lot of good. I found I had things to think about. For example, I realized that I still have a bit of a phobia about hearing about personal relationships with Jesus, thanks to my fundy days. I have one, I just don't like hearing the phrase. Good group of people in the class (six of us! yay St. Mark's!).

It does mean another night out of my week, though, which means I must be very organized. I was cranky today when F. called and wanted to come over because this is basically my only night off. Of course, he called at ten am, which rush hour in my business and I snapped. I had also way overslept and been unable to find my glasses, so was wearing the older, heavier (more uncomfortable) pair. Not a good day.

Got much better when I got home; found the glasses, had a lemonade and dinner, roasted peppers, dinked around on the computer. Had a good chat with F. after I called and left a message on his vm apologizing.

But I've been wiped out lately; am making sure to take my iron pills and St. John's wort, and will be trying to get to bed earlyish.

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