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Way overscheduled

I am enjoying enquirer's class at St. Mark's (last night: the view of the Bible from thirty thousand feet; now I knew I had Bible "issues" post my fundy years) but the timing is going to drive me nuts. I am in the middle of my series of Tuesday Night (and occasionally Friday) sewing classes at Stonemountain and have something booked every weeknight this week except Friday. Next week I have Friday booked.

I am glad I switched Yosemite to Sunday, that means I don't have to cancel one of the classes, and will be around for cat_herder's birthday. She gives good party.

This is going to make me nuts as I need a lot of "me time" to recharge.

At least this week I think I cooked enough to see me through. I do get home early tomorrow. Maybe I'll update the food blog as well. But folks probably aren't going to see a lot of me, except maybe on the weekends.

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