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Class Notes

Well, last night in my sewing class I both successfully set in a sleeve (on only my second try) and a zipper. So I am moderately pleased with my efforts. I never learned how before. Yay me. Although I might do the handsewing thing for future sleeves just to save myself some aggravation.

I also hauled my newly-tuned Bernina (which is a tank) up the stairs because I am disgusted with the poor condition of Stonemountain's class machines. I was remembering a year ago when this would have Just Not Been Possible and was thankful. I did luck out and get parking right in front of the store, which was a good thing.

Turns out I had a zipper foot already, it's just numbered differently. So now I have two (eye roll). Since I brought my box of feet with me, the instructor was able to put together my (disassembled) invisible zipper foot.

I need an "art box" for my sewing supplies, I am getting tired of hauling them around in a baggie. I am also learning of cool tricks like double-sided "basting" tape.

Must consult sewing books this weekend to see if they have "how to do a fly front zipper" in it. My brain hurt after the demo thereof. The other zippers seemed fairly straightforward in concept. Our instructor has promised to retype the zipper handout to reflect how she was actually teaching us ;-).

Not gonna use the LJ "accomplished" mood as it involves a computer keyboard. Definitely one of my very minor peeves, as I tend to get "accomplished" when I keep my ass off the computer in my spare time.


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Sep. 29th, 2004 08:31 am (UTC)
I'm a huge fan of basting tape, but it's a short but downhill journey from that to using "iron-a-seam" tape, I'm afraid.

Also, don't get an "art box." Go to Orchard or Ace and get a plastic tool chest. They cost about 1/4 what those art boxes cost and are pretty much the same thing. They also hold up better to use, because they're designed for heavy tools.

That, or if you're feeling energetic you could sew yourself an organizer. They're pretty easy to make, with an afternoon worth of time and some patience.
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