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Well, THAT was a bad idea

... Transporting Maya in the car to be blessed for St. Francis' Day, that is.

She was okay when I bundled her in the blanket and hauled her off to chapel, but let out a powerful "MROWWWRRWWRR" when I opened the door. And I noticed Julian, the outdoors church cat, striding into the chapel (no doubt Brigid, the often indoors one, was already present). So out we went.

I put her in the car, walked back to the chapel, and then turned back at the door. I didn't want her unhappy in the car for the hour. Had I been a little more organized, I would have been early enough for a trip back home if she cut up, but there it is.

She got baby food chicken, so she has forgiven me my folly.

I'm going to read Morning Prayer and then do some errands.

ETA: When I got home from my pleasant visit with ayse and cat_herder, there was a message of apology (for not turfing Julian out) from the Rector on my phone. She apparently got a glimpse of me, but I didn't see her. Wow, I do feel like a real part of this community.