October 9th, 2004

Jane is fierce

Before 9 am today ...

I had:

Had coffee
Mooshed the cheese together for cat_herder's party
Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
Tidied up in the living room and kitchen
Cleaned the cat box and bathroom floor
Hauled the 'Nina and project out of the car
Put B's breakables in the car
Unplugged the tuner in prep for taking to the Sound Well for diagnosis and repair
Supervised the moving crew

and was about to nuke the last breakfast burrito (soy chorizo is surprisingly tasty) when B. called and I dashed off to MacArthur BART.

I didn't get around to mailing essential items until after I got back from Menlo Park. It is a fine day and I hope the weather holds, so I can go to SF tomorrow and celebrate the twentieth (!) anniversary of moving there. (Actually Tuesday, but Fleet Week Sunday was the day!)

After making the torta, and telling cat-babe that a lot of food is on the way, I think I shall have a nap.

I am feeling a lot more relaxed than this time yesterday (cleaner too!) but mood is "anxious" because I am waiting for the vet to call back re Maya's blood work.
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Jane is fierce

Maya update

Vet says Maya's blood test is completely normal.

I will take her in for a urinalysis on Monday. I will also call the kitty acupuncturist (brochure picked up at Animal Farm the other day). Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, how Berkeley can I be?

It's a beautiful day, and she is snoozing out on the back porch. I might do the same indoors, as cat_herder has asked me to show up only 1/2 hour early.

(Neighborhood update: three new cats, a half-Manx gray tabby, a half-Manx calico [Shades of Poor Flikita, although not as fluffy], and a tuxedo cat all think my yard is their home. They recognize me, but of course, Maya doesn't like them. I have taken to patrolling the yard when I let Herself out.)
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Jane is fierce

I can see some of this happening. Really.

Via my favorite Elder God (fluffcthulhu):

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Will Choke On A Peachporcinea
Will Be Murdered By A Psychosnippy
Will Be Eaten By Clownsprairierabbit
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Will Suffocate In A Corsetwondersheep
Will Be Smushed In A Trash Compactorbronica
Will Be Burned As A Witchfeorag
Will Be Slain By Their Loverzillabird
Will Be "Hit" By The Mafiajbt369
Will Discover Immortalityserenejournal
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