October 11th, 2004

Jane is fierce

My big weekend off

Won't be nearly long enough. No housecleaning, although a lot of productive Relax and Rejuvenate time. Also some good party-like action (cat_herder's birthday and the post-recital crowd at St. Mark's). I feel like a human being again, but I'm wondering how I'm going to feed myself this coming week, though; should head by the Trader's to stock up!

I did the hand-sewing on the quillow, put it on the couch, and Maya parked herself on it immediately. Chief Inspector Maya reporting for duty! (I got a picture, will upload and link. Too cute for freakin' words.)

Speaking of "Where the wild things are", I got some cheetah print for the bags I'm making in my next (and last for the time being) class. I am very pleased by this as it is both non-directional (easy on the beginner!) and will look stunning with the black trim. I had been nosing through the bins for weeks and hadn't seen it before. I will try to get some more. (I can report that the animal print trend must be officially dead, as I couldn't resist a small cheetah-print umbrella at Targetto this am.)

A surprisingly busy morning - almost didn't get her to the vet before their noon shutdown.

I hadn't had breakfast, and decided to pass on it in lieu of getting her there on time, so I swung by Genova for ROAST BEEF. I'm no longer particularly hungry, as the blood sugar has started readjusting, but the mood icon is great!
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