October 30th, 2004

Jane is fierce

My big day off

Cancelled a social event (waaah) due to tickly throat when I woke up. It worked out as cat_herder and I ended up finally watching my copy of "Pirates of the Carribean". Great movie, although I wish my dinky TV was better (might have a line on a replacement).

I finally went to the Optometry School for an exam. I had been avoiding the increasingly necessary bifocals because I like my frames so much. I found some new ones that were cute and they told me that when I needed a new prescription, I could bring them in to be refitted. Since I already have the clip on sunglasses, that will save me about $300. It will be good to see at shorter distances.

The O School is near the football stadium on campus. The parking lot was full to the gunwales, with special game type stuff (some big trailer emblazoned with "college sports"). I am changing my plan to swing by the GTU bookstore today, getting near campus will be difficult at best.

I do seem to be somewhat forgetful - I keep forgetting one item when I go to the grocery store, and I had been carrying a coupon around for The Cotton Patch, and intended to go there before or after acupuncture (which I had in Orinda). Took it out of my bag about ten minutes before I left. D'oh!!