October 31st, 2004

Jane is fierce

Calm before the storm?

This weekend (which for me started Friday with my day off) has been utterly glorious, weather-wise. The storms knocked all the pollution out of the air and it is crisp, blue, and pleasant in temperature. The sun is shining brightly and suffusing the house with light. (The time change and the fine weather meant that the chapel was suffused with light too, an absolute treat for early service.) What fall color we get out here is very much in evidence.

I have been out and about, and in and working (basking like the cat, in the light). As I was chopping and stirring for black-bean enchilada filling, I was enjoying the silence, the stillness, the peace. It is a perfect fall day. But in a lot of ways I couldn't help thinking of Labor Day weekend 2001, which in many ways was perfect and wonderful for me, and things changed so soon in so many ways after. This time I know I'm waiting for a shoe to drop, but am wondering if this will be the Last Good Bit for a while, the calm before the political firestorm. The Before to a feared-for After.

(I also wondered if I should have left the enchilada stuff to Tuesday, as I was thinking some meditative cooking might be just the thing to keep me from going nuts. I will figure something out.)

As soon as I finish my tea here (I considered buzzing back to church to be a part of the forum about the Windsor Report, but realized that I was a wee bit tired), I'm getting in my car and buzzing off downtown to vote. I was exhorted to do so in the sermon today, most of which was about Zaccheus (apparently the Rector learned a different version of the song than I did as a wee bit lassie in Sunday school) but the OT reading from Habbukuk was worked in nicely as God urges patience ("if it seems to tarry, wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay") in waiting for the right thing to happen. And we may have to wait a while (like, maybe four years more) for some things, and we need to keep doing what we can in any case.

I've been singing the chorus from Kris Kristofferson's "One Day at a Time", as that was part of the special music for last Sunday. It seems to fit.

(Thanks to 1ginko and to the Rector for the inspiration.)
Jane is fierce

Oh. My. God.

Four years ago I buzzed into the Registrar of Voters' office the Sunday before the election and walked up to the window, got my card, voted, and was outta there in half an hour.

Today ... the line was halfway down the tunnel. This is a LOT more early voting than happened four years back, and beats the turnout for the Recall, as well.

Word has been getting out!

I'm camping out in front of the windows in the AM with the extremely dry technical tome I am supposed to be reading.
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