February 26th, 2005

Jane is fierce

This modern world

On Thursday afternoon, as I was doing the semi-regular vanity google search on my own name, I learned that my aunt, who is also my godmother, had died. My mother, who has the same name, was listed as a survivor in the funeral notice.

I need to check through letters that my mom has sent me for this information - she was not close to her half-sister and Aunt Peggy had been poorly for some time, but the family grapevine isn't too bad - but this feels weird.

Aunt Peggy was buried from an Episcopal church. I read through the offices for the dead in the BCP en route to see Jim Wallis at Grace, and then again in the pews as I arrived in plenty of time.
Jane is fierce

"Ten things"

The thing about the "ten things I have done that you probably haven't" m*m* is that I both live a fairly ordinary, boring life in a lot of ways and tend to hang out with my fellow inhabitants of the two-sigma band for much of the rest.

With that being said, I have come up with some (because it kept niggling at me, dammit). Some of which I'm not sure about given who is likely reading. Some of these I really hope none of you have done. I have some B-list items in case my speculations are correct about Some People.

1. Touched the Rosetta Stone
2. Jammed with Bobby McFerrin
3. Published a computer security paper
4. Received communion from the first female bishop in the Anglican Communion shortly after her consecration (this is when the Mary Magdalene icon was dedicated)
5. Talked someone who was contemplating killing me out of it (one of the few times in my life I have been a convincing liar)
6. Dropped trou on Lake Washington in the direction of Casa Bill Gates
7. Ignited my hair while trying to make rum raisins for banana bread
8. Given up my seat in an airport waiting area to Jill Eikenberry (without realizing who she was, yet)
9. Ridden in the belly of the whale (Southwest's Shamu plane)
10. Caught a limit my first time fishing