March 2nd, 2005


Looking over my shoulder

Well, last night as I was settling in for an exciting evening of clearing the spam out of the church's mailbox (and maybe updating the web site), and updating my blogs, I got a phone call on my on-call phone.

On the one hand, I am glad that the call came in at a decent hour; on the other, I'm cranky about the night lost.

And I'm just kinda anticipating another call tonight, for some reason. I feel like I should either be cleaning out the spam or eating dinner NOW.

I did update da food blog, mostly, after I got home. No link to serenejournal's delicious and addictive toffee recipe, but soon. I also got my first really weird-ass comment from a stranger on it; I posted a recipe for "migas" and got a sniffy response about how mine wasn't authentic, and how I should post the authentic recipe instead. Now I will probably go around asking all the Mexican people I know how they make migas - "Corn tortillas? Or bread?". Perhaps my much-admired Jeffrey Steingarten will make this his next quest and deal with the question with his usual panache. Or Cook's will do a feature. They have been on a Mexican food kick lately (and not just Seriously Americanized Mex like ground beef tacos, either!!).

(Practical Spanish: "scraps". As a quilter, and wannabe thrifty cook, I appreciate that.)

I must say I was pretty surprised that someone not personally known to me was reading L&C. I wonder who has been pimpin' my blog, besides occasionally me ;).