March 15th, 2005

Jane is fierce

Easter Dreaming

Less than two weeks away and counting! Five people are being baptised starting at oh-dark-thirty Easter morning, which is pretty impressive given the size of the church.

A combination of Easter-related things caused me to have a very strange dream this morning. I dreamt that the Easter Vigil was some sort of weird-ass alternative liturgy service, and I didn't like it at all, and I was very disappointed as I love love love the Easter Vigil, but I didn't feel that I could leave as I had committed to working Altar Guild for the service.

I'm not remembering if I was bold enough in the dream to say something pointed but constructive to The Powers That Be at the breakfast afterwards (which I don't know if there was enough of left, because of Altar Guild again, but people were certainly around).

Just before I went to bed, I was still fretting a bit over the AG schedule, but had decided to make the Domestic Goddess' banana bread for the breakfast on Friday morning; it will keep, wrapped well, quite fresh till Sunday.