January 2nd, 2006

Jane is fierce

Oh that felt good

Early morning shopping run was greeted by No Crowds at All. I foolishly decided to postpone my swing over to Trader Joe's until noon.

Utter barking chaos in the parking lot and the store. Stood in line for the longest I've ever done.

Rain was heavy. Reminded me in a lot of ways of '86. It seemed to be a dirty rain as the clean jeans I was wearing took some water, and looked dirty.

Got home, exhausted. Turned heat up because it had been down. Removed jeans. Previous plan had been to do laundry but cat was curled up adorably sleeping on the assembled pile. So I dived under the cover and read. After I had finished with my class reading I seemed to get very horizontal.

Woke up after an hour's deep sleep and the sun was shining!

(On the way home, was thinking that it was a good afternoon for a nap or a movie.)