February 25th, 2006

Flybaby dreams


Well, I think I've procrastinated on the "trying to find documents" enough. Last night was hearing the fabulous serenejournal read her poetry (a quite welcome and entertaining diversion) and this morning I was just faffing around. I did unload the dishwasher and start the laundry, though, so it was all good. I also identified likely containers this morning; let's hope my guess was good.

w00t! I found it!

I found a copy of the Mortgage Credit Certificate within half an hour. Actually it was in the first place I looked, because I spent much of the half hour clearing off a place to sit on the futon.

I did get the unpleasant shock of realizing that Maggie had peed on a place on the futon that had some family photos and some of my other favorites stacked on it. The wedding group photo of me, my brother, my SIL, and my parents looks a bit damp under the glass, and the printouts Dad made for me of Nephew Unit (scanned onto paper) at about a week old wearing the adorable little mittens are really trash, as is a photo of him in his fancy heirloom baptismal gown. I can get copies of the newborn pix from Dad, at least. (Some photos are still stuck together - advice on how to unstick cheerfully received).

It wasn't the aged Maya with the lack of bladder control, because the futon was clear for her use during her last months. And there is still a bit of dampness.

But I found the MCC!! This is a huge step forward on paperwork. (I did ping the issuing agency, but it's nice to have it in hand!)

Now to try to find my reciepts from spring 2003 for my non-cash donations.