October 29th, 2007

Jane is fierce

Lucy made a break for it

Lucy has liked hanging out on the dining room windowsill when I have the window open to air the house.

Last night she apparently launched herself out if it.

This morning she is not responding to the "whistle tour". (Maggie and one of the neighborcats did.)

Please spare a prayer or whatever for her safe return. She's so skeerdy that I'm worried.

(Although if she doesn't appear in a couple of days, a humane trap with stinky food should do it.)
Jane is fierce

Lucy is in the building

I caught her slinking through the basement. She retreated, but came out for FUD. (The popping of the can top ...)

Maggie didn't help, the little asspants. Lucy wiggled out of my arms on the way back up and Maggie chased her around the property. Lucy ended up under the low pines on the north fence. Fortunately Maggie got bored and Lucy was still HONGRY. She emerged, I grabbed again. This time I left the food bowl there and had my other hand free for nape-grabbing.

She is extremely food-motivated :D.

Thanks be to God that she is found, and she was smart enough to go into the basement. From which she probably would have been lured by FUD.
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