February 22nd, 2008

spring tree

Best laid plans, etc.

Well, I frittered the day away anyway, despite big plans to Study Study Study.

I was dinking around online till about 11, when I noted that the sun was out, so went to the Bread Workshop (for those of you who eat chicken, their organic rotisserie birds are great. A bit spendy but great) and then off to the Berkeley Bowl.

I was just kind of fooling myself when I said that I would just get canned tomatoes (best price on Muir Glen in town), tortillas, olives (because I can't pass up their olive bar), a Big Bag of Coffee, and some kind of fruit for Coffee Hour, wasn't I? I had to swap the handbasket out for a cart, and not just because of the 10# sack of pesticide-free oranges (that was the fruit for CH). El cheapo zucchini and peppers (Whole Paycheck had zukes and red bells in their new "value produce" section as well), the first asparagus of the season, and leeks (I'm out, and am in a soup-making mood).

They had feta-stuffed olives in the olive bar. They are almost good enough to make up for the absence of the lemon-stuffed ones.

When I got home at 1 pm (I had stopped in Walgreens as well), I was pretty tired from schlepping my groceries. I made lunch and had a nap for most of the afternoon. (oh hay Regina)

So if I don't go to sleep tonight, I know what I'm doing instead of surfing the net. ;)