November 3rd, 2008

coffee in the rain

The real reason for the change in the weather ...

The first winter storm blew in here on Friday. I ended up giving a church pal who lives two blocks from me a ride in on Saturday. The real reason for the downpour was revealed:

The Oregon Ducks were playing the Cal Bears in the early afternoon.

Obviously the Ducks brought their weather with them.

I forgot my hat, but only got really rained on for a brief period and was able to catch up on my sleep in the afternoon. I am almost coherent again after spending most of the weekend at work last weekend patching servers and being sleep-deprived because of the "OMG! We have to roll this out before Nov 1!" schedule this week. I enjoyed that extra hour.
market, produce

Le petit dejeuner "du pays"

(No need to franglais "locavore" when the French have a perfectly good regular term for it.)

Peet's coffee (Alameda)

Breakfast sandwich locavore:
Cheese Board English muffin (Berkeley)
Clark Summit Farm egg (North Marin)
Clark Summit Farm ham (North Marin)

Pink Lady apple (Yolo County - not grown by Terra Firma, but in my box)