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Well, I came down to earth right smartly in Tuesday night's sewing class, as I attempted several times to install an invisible zipper, and failed all of them for various reasons. But I do think I have the confidence to do a couple of the simple projects I had in mind. I am most definitely not going to Yosemite so might actually have a couple of moments and some spare energy to try ONE MORE TIME at home. (Some time after the movers come to take the stuff B. is storing here away.)

Last week my brain was humming.

My web searching brought up some interesting sites on wearable art. Through Amy's Wearable Art Page (nb: to be edited later to provide link, I am under a time crunch right now), I got introduced to the "Bog Coat", an embellisher's dream as it is a rectangle with a neck opening that gets sliced and stitched back together to form the coat. Much easier to build a rectangle than separate pattern pieces (with, shudder, *waste*).

The Parkfield quake brought me in mind of Mission San Miguel and their fundraising efforts to raise money to get their church back after the San Simeon quake. Long story short, I saw a wearable art jacket featuring the Virgin of Guadalupe (on the back) with all sorts of decorative motifs, in Mexican Folk Art style and colors. I'm thinking applique, embroidery, the lot. Bernina Artista doing a wreath of roses, sort of thing. I was even thinking of decorated jeans jackets. And I found a satin fabric with colorful serape-like stripes (sapphire blue background, Mary's color) in the upstairs room at Stonemountain. Woof.

I thought I was off the hook Tuesday as the serape-like fabric was not visible ... But on my way out, I saw it.

I gotta learn how to do curved seams before I attempt something like beading, or think about spending a lot of money on an Artista. But it does remind me of a dream I had some years ago, of walking through Kells-like calligraphy and illumination, and finding out I had done them. Somehow I think that I am capable of more Crunchy Artistic Goodness than I give myself credit for. And after this sewing class I do think I have more confidence, my zipper screw up asides.

But in the meantime:

Between the conception
And the creation <...>

Falls the Shadow

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